Bohatyrska St, 6b

Obolonsky district is considered one of the most comfortable for living in all of Kyiv. This peaceful and beautiful area with excellent transport and trade infrastructure as well as a lot of water recreation areas, has been very popular in recent years both- among the indigenous people of Kiev and the capital's newcomers. RC in Bohatyrska street the only one of its kind in the primary market of the district. A real gift for those who want to buy a new home in Obolon at a reasonable price!

House number 2 in the RC in Bohatyrska St is the best offer for those who are looking for a new housing on Obolon "For yourself"! Only 2 and 3-bedroom apartments with comfortable planning solutions.

Number of storeys: 9

Number of sections: 1

Number of apartments on the floor: 4

Height of ceilings, m: 2,7

Commercial premises: 1st floor


Bohatyrska St, 6b

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